Search Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization is also referred to as Search Engine Positioning, Web Site Promotion, Marketing, Visibility, Placement, or Ranking. Search engine marketing and optimization is an on-going process. It is the most effective form of website promotion and offers a higher return on investment than any other form of online marketing. Search engine optimization requires on-going work and a modest investment relative to the excellent result produced.

An important goal of website design is to gain new customers who have been able to locate your company website via the world wide web. We frequently refer to this activity as "surfing the internet." Where does your website come up on the list shown by a search engine when a key word or phrase that describes the services you offer, is typed into the search bar of an engine such as Google, Yahoo, BING, etc? Why are some websites highly ranked on certain keyword phrases, while others may be 100 or more below on the list of sites that come up, when a key word phrase is typed into an internet search engine? The answer is not a simple one. Search engines utilize, in many cases, dozens of different algorithms to determine how to rank individual websites for certain key word phrases. And they are constantly adjusting these algorithms over time. In addition, many websites are entering the vast world wide web daily, creating more competition to reach the highly ranked spots. Therefore, website search engine rankings fluctuate due to these changing circumstances.


Other Services

Website Design 

vinSITE solutions has been developing websites since 1996. We only use the latest and best technologies to ensure a great impression.

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Making money with your website in today's world is mandatory. If you have a website, it needs to be working for you.

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Responsive Design 

Desktop PCs are not longer the first place people go to view a website. Recent studies show it is 3rd with mobile and tablet taking the top spots.

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Website Re-Design 

Is your site up to date? How does it look and function across all browsers and mobile devices. The web is always changing, change with it!

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